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      “Creating extraordinary value in an eight-billion-mind world”

Increasing the speed of innovation and learning in a

complex, fast-changing world

Things are changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up.  And it’s not just the speed of change that’s accelerating.  The level of complexity you have to deal with is expanding as well, at an ever-increasing rate. It all boils down to this: Eventually you’ll be out of business.  If you want to succeed and grow, your organization needs to change at least as fast as, or faster than, the speed of change in your industry. The Enterprise of the Future is a framework for leaders and managers to increase the speed at which people and organizations innovate and learn.  It creates a platform for developing the right strategy, identifying and minimizing risk, and transforming traditional knowledge-hoarding organizations into agile knowledge enterprises. This site provides you with access to a collection of tools and best practices for helping to make this transformation happen.

The benefits of transitioning to a knowledge enterprise

As you begin to adopt these industry-leading principles and practices, you’ll notice measurable improvement in learning rates, concept-to-development cycle times, and time-to-market (for some examples, see our KMWorld article Logistics at the speed of thought (almost).”  Through improved collaboration in a global, virtual environment, you’ll be able to more quickly and effectively respond to and create new business opportunities. You’ll be more competitive through lower labor costs and increased knowledge worker productivity.  You’ll see increased return-on-investment in IT through closer alignment of work processes, culture and enterprise architecture.  Gains in relative market value will result from improved development, application and expansion of key intellectual assets.  Improved learning and better decision- making will result in reduced risk, costs and liability due to errors.  Streamlined, rapidly self-organizing collaborative processes will translate into the ability to quickly respond to, and even lead, change. Any one of these improvements alone will have a positive impact on your top and/or bottom line performance. The changes you see in the market are irreversible.  Those who recognize and capitalize on them will be rewarded.  Those who don’t will be rendered irrelevant. The Enterprise of the Future is an ongoing quest.  It’s been said that we can either try to predict the future or we can co-create it.  By creating the capacity for rapid innovation and learning, the Enterprise of the Future serves as a model for sustained success in a complex, fast-changing world. We hope you’ll join us on our journey of learning and discovery, as we put our collective knowledge to work. Enterprise of the Future Framework
if your speed of change - the rate at which your organization innovates and learns - is slower than that of your industry, you’re continually falling behind in a vicious cycle.
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Manifesto “The world has become extremely complex and fast-changing “This presents both challenges and opportunities “The enterprise of the future must innovate and learn at a rateequal to or greater than the speed of change in the market “Traditional business and organizational models impede the flow of knowledge and will not work “Organizations must transform themselves from a knowledge- hoarding culture to one that freely discovers and shares knowledge “Those who refuse to change will be rendered irrelevant.” more... The Enterprise of the Future is a self-organizing, adaptive, learning network of knowledge entrepreneurs achieving mutual goals. Such an enterprise is built on a sustainable, four-pillar framework for continuous renewal: Leading - Co-creating new business  ecosystems and strategies Connecting - Building a continually evolving, adaptive infrastructure nexus Co-creating and delivering - Designing agile, intelligent systems and processes Discovering - Creating work  environments for continuous growth and fulfillment more... Featured blog posts: Building the deep learning enterprise Breaking free of old mindsets Building the Enterprise of the Future means (gasp!) no more secrets Book recommendation: An excellent introduction to knowledge transfer using more effective human deep learning methods...